Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 Online

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2014 online ?

Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 Online

If you are looking for a good way to watch the 2014 World Cup online you came to the right place. This is the the biggest event for all the Football fans around the world and you can’t miss it! Stars like Ronaldo and Messi will be competing for the World Title but only one can be the champion. There are many places where finding a good live streaming can be a difficult task but to save you the trouble and help you Watch the whole Championship we will show you how you can easily bypass any restrictions and have fun cheering for your favorite teams.  There will be many companies broadcasting the matches in English but they are only watchable if you reside in the UK. If you are from a different part of the world or don’t have access to a TV you can use your computer to view the championship online.

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Watch The World Cup Online On your Computer or Mobile Device

This software gives you the chance to watch the matches of your favorite teams on your computer and mobile device like Iphone, Ipad or Smartphone. What are you waiting for? The matches are starting, don’t miss a single minute of the action and get this amazing software now. Who do you think will be the champion? Spain, Brazil and Germany are the big favorites but anything can happen. Will Argentina or Portugal be able to make history or will the usual suspects take another world title? Everything is possible and anyone can win the cup. If you like to play Fifa 15 Ultimate Team you can find free coins with the fifa 15 coin generator . This world cup is shaping up to be a great and very entertaining spectacle. Find which star will shine the brightest and who will be the Champion.

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Watch Bundesliga Online

Watch Bundesliga Online Live Streaming


FC Bayern in the current transfer period has taken 42 million euro. That still only a third goalkeeper is wanted, no sensation is: PEP Guardiola is again a high-quality squad available – with many options. Quadruple or triple chain? Who replaced Toni Kroos? And where to play Philipp Lahm and David Alaba? A short analysis of the squad.

The FC Bayern has the world’s best goalkeeper in Manuel Neuer, since the experts agree. And yet it is this – and just this – position on the search for a newcomer. “We need a goalie,” says PEP Guardiola, he does not demand further commitments: “I am very happy with the players.” Wanted is an another new representative next to Tom Starke. A situation like in the second half, when due to injury at once Nachwuchskeeper Lukas wheels was asked, should no longer occur in the future – and it will not also sure: wheels moved to Portugal for Portimonense.
Guardiola propagates the total flexibility. And that there also the defensive series is no exception, he made it clear at the latest in the DFB-Pokal final (2-0) n.V. against Dortmund when he surprisingly – and successfully – with a triple chain operate. A model for the new season? Yes, reaffirms, but Guardiola: “Usually we will play with four defenders.” The staff ceiling that is better than in the previous season at first glance: left-back Juan Bernat came for ten million euros from Valencia, Holger Badstuber in the depths of the rehab world. However, some options for the four chain face the jump – in the midfield.


Watch Bundesliga Online from The USA

Right-back Philipp Lahm Germany became world champion with ultimately, Guardiola but plans continue his “smartest player” in the defensive midfield, “in the moment” at least. So has Rafinha right back for the time being-free railway provided no threesome series occurs. Left rear Bernat came partly because it attracts David Alaba also increasingly back into the Centre of midfield. He could, said Guardiola, who rode also Javi Martinez or Bastian Schweinsteiger, Sebastian or present on the six Thiago. Its possibilities are almost limitless.

Last year, there was the one or the other grumbling by a Götze or Müller, if they had to stay out.
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
So one of the reasons is why Bayern will give up a top replacement for Toni Kroos (for 30 million euros to Real Madrid). The other is harmony. “Last year it was already not easy for the coach in the one or other game” Board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge revealed recently, “there was the one or the other grumbling from a Mario Götze or Thomas Müller, if they had to stay out.” As a world champion should no less demand playing time.

“Still time” need, however, Thiago, Guardiola said. The Spanish rhythm shall, after only eleven starting eleven appearances in the League 2013/14 also a half newcomer, missed the first competitive matches due to his knee injury. Franck Riberys back can be, however, a comeback at the Telekom at the weekend hoping for Cup (all games live!-ticker at
Operating times waving as always in front line Götze or Müller, Robert Lewandowski is there but of course once. The reigning top scorer must get used to a according to Guardiola also only once, should fit but then in the philosophy of the Catalans even better than Mario Mandzukic, who now goes to Atletico Madrid on Varis. Claudio Pizarro remains the gate dangerous back-up of the master of record.

Because Mandzukics farewell brought more 22 million euros, Bayern have currently a transfer profit of 42 million euro – club record! Still, a high-quality Squad, on whose depth it will arrive after a difficult summer preparation above all at the beginning of the season is Guardiola’s total in his second season. Together with the emerging Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg (18) and Julian Green (19) and the change candidate Diego Contento and Mitchell Weiser, it includes currently 24 players. And all want to play.

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Watch the Premier League Online

Watch the Premier League Live Streaming

Watch the Premier League Online

The loudest advocates of the Premier League claim that there are six different clubs in the title race. The reality is different. While Manchester City has ousted Liverpool FC, but there are just next to the “big four”, which set the tone in England. But it isn’t so different in Germany. For the first time since the 2001/02 season are four Bundesliga team in the group stage of the Champions League, and there are same four as it was then. However, the dominance of the biggest clubs is not nearly as strong as in England – except Bavaria, there was no real constant at the top in the past ten years.

Premier League clubs feel most comfortable if they can spend money. There are more international stars that are still in England. Chelsea and Manchester City have the concept of a reasonable system of young long ago left behind both, and spent more than 400 million euros for the current squad. In Germany a whole generation of young talent in the big clubs has grown on the other hand in the past years. Draxler, new, Götze, and Müller, to name just a few. The entire “big four” of the Premier League has produced in the same period only a truly remarkable English players: Jack Wilshere.
The man in the pub on Baker Street shouted “104 euros?”. It was the day of the Champions League final 2013, and the man just a Bayern fan asked, how much he pays for his annual pass. The Englishman, West Ham fan, had to spend 600 pounds (715 euros) for last season. Pay little in Germany, allowed to drink beer in the stands and there are still standing. No wonder that the discussion on the dying German fandom for an English is hard to understand.


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The Bundesliga is poorer than the Premier League. This season, the German League will receive the record sum of 560 million euros from television contracts. The television contract, the Premier League will bring in the next three years over 3 billion euros, not counting contracts for international broadcasting rights. Seven English and only four German clubs are among the richest according to Deloitte 20 clubs in Europe. Also sponsors play a greater role in England. The most Premier League coaches speak in the interview not a game, but a “game in the Barclay’s Premier League”.

For this reason the League will lose still players like Andre Schürrle, Mesut Özil and Lukas Podolski England, even if the German clubs are now successful. For this reason, the FC Chelsea needs no good young system. For this reason, which is Premier League in any case “The richest League in the world”.

Although the Premier League generates more income, it actually is less profitable as the Bundesliga. The reason: The 50 + 1-rule prevents the complete responsibilities of German clubs by investors. So, no Bundesliga can reach the level of debt of Chelsea by more than one billion euros.

“Beckham to Sheringham…und Solskjær with the winning goal!” Any Manchester United fan knows the words of Clive Tyldsley in May 1999. A few seconds later knelt Sami Kuffour on the ground and hit the turf with his fist, and Uli Hoeneß was on his way to the therapist. It was not the only time that an English team has beaten a German opponent in the final of the biggest European competition. The Bavarians had it back in 1982 against Aston Villa, and the nightmare of the “final home” against Chelsea should still come. Also Gladbach 1977 lost in the final against Liverpool, and 1980 the HSV was one of many victims of Nottingham Forest.

Only once has managed a German team to beat an English opponent in as a final. 1975 won the Bavarians against Leeds United, but the Leeds fans still claim this was due to the referee. On the stand at Elland road, the song “We are the champions of Europe” is accordingly still to listen. Playing for the national team, England against Germany is one of einseitigsten rivalries of in football history. But the Englishman find their opium in club football: a stage on which they nevertheless times can beat the Germans. But that is increasingly difficult.

There but is the big difference between the two cultures. Since the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989, not only the standing room, but also the culture of debate were abolished in England. The ultra scene is in Germany while more prominent – and thus polemischer – than in England, but at least there is an open debate. Fear of having to return back to the hooliganism in the 1980s, is so great that the fans hardly complain how much they have to pay on the island. Main thing: Security.

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Watch La Liga Online

Watch La Liga Online Live Streaming

Watch La Liga Online

It is finally here: the – match schedule for the season 2014/15! Exactly one month before the start of the 84th Edition of the Primera División LFP and RFEF threw at the Los machinery. What came from a Royal perspective it out: home games on the first as the last game day, an early examination with the master and on the ninth day of the Clásico.

LAS ROZAS DE MADRID. The game plan to the 84th Edition of La Liga – known due to the sponsor as Liga BBVA – is available! At the General annual meeting of the Royal Spanish Football Federation RFEF in Las Rozas, near Madrid, where there is also the seat of the RFEF, Florentino Pérez and 19 representatives were allowed to draw the other clubs lots, from which arose the pairings of the first Matchday. A computer then calculated the remaining 37 “Jornadas”. At the start in La Liga gets it to do 32 x master with a newcomer. The FC Córdoba travels in a month at the Bernabéu! Home game also on the last day of La Liga: the 38th Matchday comes the small city rival from Getafe and could experience a free Championship celebrations.

A first blast, there are only two days after the first: the “mzyo0on madrileño” against the champion Atlético held in the third round of the League! Up to the Clásico, then some time passes – the Royal meeting at FC Barcelona until game day number nine. By the way: Barça and Atlético meet each other on the 18th day of the game. With the other two runners-up Deportivo de La Coruña and SD Eibar, the year third on the match days measures four and twelve respectively.


 How to Watch the Spanish football league online in the USA

In a press conference, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti about the new goals after said the 10th Champions League title, the Galactic transfer movements and the überbesetzte goalkeeper, on which there will be no more rotation.

While the two top transfers Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez for a total of nearly 100 million euros are already fixed, Real Madrid with the confirmation of the purchase of Costa Ricas Nati-Goalie Keylor Navas wants to wait, anyway, the transfer in Spanish media is considered fixed.

Blancos coach Ancelotti can be satisfied with his club’s transfer activities: “making the Club on the market a usual great job. The two transfers raise once again the quality of our squad”, so the 55-year-old. The Italians should have transfer requests. “The Club is working very well, as I said. The President and his entourage know exactly what they do, I’m not getting involved there”, Ancelotti said in a pre-season press conference.

The white Ballet in the capital, according to Spanish media, located in negotiations with Lukasz Pisczek from Borussia Dortmund and goalie Navas by Levante has already firmly in hand. “I can’t interest in Pisczek confirm, since we on that position with Dani (Carvajal) and Alvaro (Arbeloa) are already well occupied”, Ancelotti denied the rumors in the “as”.

Even the supposedly fixed influx of Navas, who played a strong World Cup with Costa Rica, could not confirm the Italian success coach opposite the “as”: “Keylor is not a player of Real Madrid, therefore I can not talk about him. At the moment we have the same three goalkeepers like last season under contract.”

Diego Lopez was used in the League last season, while Star goalie Iker Casillas is “had to be content with Cup and Champions League”. These are two goaltenders, which does not necessarily deal with the role of the Ersatzgoalies and also Navas should formulate its ambitions on an arrival. A rotation as in the last season, comes for Ancelotti this season no longer questioned: “I will say this time from beginning of away, which goalie in all competitions is used”, so the man from Reggiolo.


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Argentina resumed this afternoon workouts on the premises of Cidade do Galo in Belo Horizonte, where was made some minor work, thinking about Germany, which will face on Sunday in Rio de Janeiro. In the afternoon all of the campus met on the lawn of the main Court of the albiceleste bunker and shared a talk given by the coach Alejandro Sabella, in which it was observed the good climate and a series of laughter caused by the DT when I pointed out to striker Ezequiel Lavezzi. Then, who were holders against Holland in the semi-final on Wednesday started to realize works of elongation, while the rest–except for Ángel Di María – participated in a football reduced against the sparring partners. DO YOU PLAY ‘NOODLES’? The uncertainty goes for knowing the State of Angel Di María, who lost semifinals Netherlands match because of an injury. The albiceleste squad will travel tomorrow night to Rio de Janeiro to settle in the city where the final will be played. This afternoon, also led by Joachim Löw, did some light work, where the watchword of all campus is to win the trophy of the World Cup of Brazil 2014. ‘Teutons’ signed shirts, photos were taken to training and then got ready to a routine in the gym, as shown in some photos that have been circling in social networks. Maracanã will, at best. The national teams of Germany and Argentina will decide this Sunday (3:00 pm Peruvian time) the monarch of the World Cup Brazil 2014. ‘Teutons’ seek their tetracampeonato with an overwhelming football while the ‘albiceleste’ seeks to once again be world champion 28 years after the hand of its star Lionel Messi. They did merit to dream of glory. With different ways of understanding the football but with the efficacy of its part, Germany and Argentina will define this Sunday the Brazil 2014 World champion. In a duel with lots of history in the world, this final will revive Mexico ‘ 86 and Italy ‘ 90, but with relish a Argentina seeking its Tri-Championship before his black beast in World Cup appointments.(Argentina’s national team beat Holland in the wave of criminal and casifico at the end of Brazil 2014) They showed all the football within. The ‘Mannschaft’ after several attempts since 2006 with the arrival of Jürgen Klinsmann to the German bench and the continuity of this line with Joachim Low may Crown that ‘American’ style and a great generation with a world after being title elusive two world and two WINS. Despite not maintaining consistency throughout the tournament, the selected German showed that theirs are the final instances and sealed their place in the final with a lesson from football to host Brazil, with a 7-1 for the history. Now crowned the path when he faces the Netherlands in the final. As Mexico ‘ 86. Under the star of Lionel Messi, the Argentina national team can reach a new world title to Germany with similarities to that campaign of Diego Armando Maradona and company. With a tidy team, with trade and fighting spirit, Alejandro Sabella team has been surpassing stages with stellar performances of Messi and with the support of a team that wants to achieve a new world title 28 years later. Today left out race to Holland in the wave of criminal and this Sunday will seek the coveted title against Germany in a final prognosis reserved.

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It is the party of the world, which perhaps no one wants to play it, so it means. But still both Brazil, host of the competition, and the Netherlands, will have to play Saturday for third place.

Today Neymar and Arjen Robben, came out to give their impressions on the party that they will not play, that is, about the final between Germany and Argentina. To the carioca, Argentina should take the World Cup title, because Lionel Messi, deserves it. By the side of Robben, ensures that the ‘albicelestes’ have no how beat ‘Teutons’, so it looks like winners to the Germans.

“I wish good luck to Argentina and Germany. I have two friends who are Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano. They deserve to be champions”, said Ney, who had earlier visited colleagues in concentration.

The controversial Dutch had said: “I have no doubt that will be champion Germany… Argentina has no chance”, stressed man Bayern Münich, after own performance quite distanced from what you want in the preview.

For the honor. Brazil and Netherlands define this Saturday (3:00 pm Peruvian time) to the third and fourth position in the World Cup in a match of teams that must be content with reaching the podium since they could not earn the right to contest the final.

The end that did not. Selections of Brazil and the Netherlands, which could not achieve the long-awaited final of the World Cup, will be measured Saturday at the stadium Mane Garrincha in Brasilia in a match for the honor by campaigns conducted in the present world but who not content to none given the objectives: one the hexacampeonato and one his first world title.

To turn the page. Following the disastrous introduction in the semi-finals with included win of 7-1 at the hands of Germany, the Brazilian team will seek to say goodbye to “his” World Championship with a victory that allows you to stay on the podium of the tournament and renew the illusion of the carioca twisted with a view to the upcoming World Russia 2018, priority for a selection that has been exposed to the world and that will need a restructuring to dream of new feats at the height of its history.

Again without the coveted world title. Despite not being among the candidates in the preview of the present world, the Netherlands with Louis Van Gaal and a staff with a mix between veterans and young Dutch promises exceeded expectations and despite going from most to least in the tournament, he failed to reach the Cup that is elusive since Germany ‘ 74. The ‘Clockwork Orange’ will seek to bid farewell to the tournament with a worthy third place that will merit its campaign but not the outstanding debt in the world.


Brazil and the Netherlands they have clashed on four occasions in the world with the balance in favour of the ‘Clockwork Orange’ with two victories against a carioca, subtracting a draw in semifinal of France ‘ 98, which was decided in the path of criminal with Brazilian victory 4-2 before the tulips.

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After 24 years, the albiceleste joint returns to play the semifinals of a World Cup: faced with the Netherlands for a place in the final on Sunday at the Maracana.

Argentina expected this match for 24 years. Six world. Twenty-seven disputed meetings (more other 94 qualifiers), with the sole aim of returning to this instance. Holland, although he played the semifinals four years ago in South Africa, also waits so long ago now. A lifetime. Because the Orange, but it is among the first four of a cup for the fifth time, need to settle an outstanding account with the history: being a champion is the chimera of a selected European that for years was a King without a Crown. And to achieve this, you must first get into the definition.

The combined albiceleste becomes the duel Arena Corinthians of Sao Paulo with five victories in the first five games, something that had not achieved never in its history in the world. And although it was not at a disadvantage at any time so far in the tournament, Alejandro Sabella all suffered enough to achieve this unprecedented streak: all encounters won them by just needed somewhat difference and against Switzerland in the second round to go to overtime to pass round.

Orange, for its part, seems to have been of major to minor in the contest. After the crushing debut with win 5-1 at the still-reigning champion, Spain, and a good performance against Chile at the end of the group phase, the team of Louis Van Gaal was three minutes away from being eliminated in the second round against Mexico and needed penalties to beat Costa Rica in Quarterfinals. However, beyond the decline in performance, the European combined has what scare: with 12 goals in 5 matches, is the most top scorer Brazil 2014 (with Colombia).

Attention in the Itaquerao will be focused, undoubtedly, in the figures of Lionel Messi and Arjen Robben. Left-handers wake up in same level the illusions of the own supporters and the concerns of rivals and from both campuses is made clear that a special strategy is intended to guard against the damage they may cause to the defenses. Anyway, although none of the two coaches confirmed formations, no one thinks a personal brand for the stars.

Looking to party, Argentina arrives with a sensitive low: Ángel Di María, who suffered a muscle strain against Belgium, is ruled out for the match. Just as they did during the meeting of quarters, is expected to Enzo Pérez to replace it. Another variant which plans Sabella is the return of Marcos Rojo, who turned the suspension, instead of José María Basanta. Sergio Agüero, recovered in record time of a tear, will start in principle from the substitutes bench.

On the Dutch side, Van Gaal hopes to finally have Nigel De Jong in the side of the pitch. The midfielder, who was injured in the second round against Mexico, missed against Costa Rica and seemed to have no chance of reaching the semifinals in conditions, but it is estimated that it will be risky. That is in question is the central Ron Vlaar, who drags a problem in one of his knees. Jasper Cillessen, the goalkeeper who was replaced for the wave of penalties against the Ticos, will remain in the arc. At least, until the minute 119.

Probable formations:

Netherlands: Cillessen; Blind, Vlaar, Vrij, Martins Indi, Kuyt; Jong, Sneijder, Depay; Robben, Van Persie. Coach: Louis Van Gaal

Argentina: Romero; Zabaleta, Demichelis, Garay, Red; Biglia, Mascherano, E. Pérez; Messi, Higuaín, Lavezzi. Coach: Alejandro Sabella

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Watch Brazil vs Germany Online – World Cup 2014 Live Stream

Watch Brazil vs Germany Online


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Local and downed faces with the Germans, which played its fourth consecutive semifinal. The Verdeamarelha will be without its star, Neymar, nor with Thiago Silva.

He who raised the Cup five times against which more times was among the top four of the tournament (13). He played all editions front to which more parties contested in the history of the competition. The local before the regular team of the last decade. Brazil against Germany. The living history of the world. And nothing less than a place in the final on Sunday at the Maracana.

The Mineirao de Belo Horizonte will witness the duel between the two biggest candidates to stay with the title, in a sort of rematch of the final of the Korea-Japan 2002, which won the Verdeamarelha 2 – 0, which is conspicuously the only World Cup history between the two.

The main question of face to the party happens to know how will Brazil to replace to Neymar, who was left out of the tournament after suffering the fracture of a vertebra in the quarter final against Colombia. Without their star, who scored four goals in the first five matches of the local Assembly of Luiz Felipe Scolari will need to appearing at once by all players as Oscar, Hulk and Fred, who is severely criticized by the press and the fans for his few contributions to the team. The coach still has not defined who will take the place of the Barcelona player, but Willian runs with some advantage, but they also are likely to appear Bernard and Hernanes.

But the decline in Neymar is not the only problem that will have Brazil: against the Germans, Felipao will also face the absence, not least, Thiago Silva, suspended for accumulation of yellow. In this case, imposes income of Dante (a plant which has the advantage of playing in the German Bundesliga), but the ancestry of the captain in the team cannot be replaced.

By the side of the Europeans, Joachim Löw will not have any low new once Shkordan Mustafi left outside of the tournament suffered tear knockout, although there are seven players who will arrive with any decline in the physical after a small wave of flu affecting Teutonic campus in recent days. After giving him the chance to Miroslav Klose from the start in the quarterfinals against France, it most likely is technician return ownership to Mario Götze and Thomas Müller to return as the reference area.

With the best that has hand, Germany played its fourth consecutive semifinal at a World Cup, a brand that it had not reached never any other selection, but will seek to cut the run of two defeats in a row in this instance. Brazil, for its part, will try to show that, even without its emblem, this is still your world and no one is going to pluck out of the hands.

Probable formations:

Brazil: Julio César; Maicon, David Luiz, Dante, Marcelo; Fernandinho, Luiz Gustavo; Hulk, Oscar, Willian; Fred. Coach: Luiz Felipe Scolari.

Alemania: New;. Lahm, Hummels, Boateng, Howedes. Khedira, Schweinsteiger; Kroos, Özil, Götze; Müller. DT: Joachim Löw.

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Watch Netherlands vs Costa Rica Online – 2014 World Cup


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With the intercom selection star, Keylor Navas, absent from training due to problems on a shoulder, Costa Rica Vila Belmiro is exercised today in the stadium of Santos with the mind set in the Netherlands.

Near Navas, Defender Roy Miller also trained with his companions, that touch of ball exercises divided into two groups.

The first will be surely recovered Saturday in the quarterfinals against the Netherlands, while Miller is unlikely.

In the fifteen minutes open to the media, was training normally forward Joel Campbell, who finished the 120 minutes of extra time before Greece with muscle problems.

Works with ball, highlighted another of the best players of the Ticos, the creative Bryan Ruiz, author of both the Costa Rican in the 1-1 to Greece.

Costa Rica will tomorrow travel to Salvador, where on Saturday he will face Holland.

Landa, to demonstrate why he is called ‘favorite’. Despite reaching out to Brazil even as current runners-up, few included the Oranje in its list of contenders for the title before the start of the World Cup, by the profound renovation of its cast. Three meetings have been sufficient to the of Van Gaal to be taken into account by the world… but in the playoffs, no margin of error, where must demonstrate that they want to win the star.

Mexico, pleasant surprise that wants to break your ceiling. The ‘Tricolor’ does not reach quarter-finals 28 years ago. After completing three very convincing actions in a complicated group, beating Cameroon and Croatia and tying to zero with Brazil, those of Miguel Herrera are motivated to surprise the Netherlands from 18:00 in Fortaleza. ‘chicharito’ Hernández could enter into the eleven at the expense of Giovani dos Santos.

Watch Netherlands vs Costa Rica Live Streaming

Robben and Van Persie against ‘Memo’ Ochoa. The best pair of attackers of the world confronts the goalkeeper less mixing of the Championship. The Dutch strikers have scored three goals per head, but the Aztec Cerberus has just granted one. These figures have become major hopes for its selection to one and other.

Costa Rica, the joy of the World Cup. Who ensure that two weeks ago already expected to see the ‘Ticos’ at this point in the tournament, must provide evidence, or no one will believe you. Jorge Luis Pinto men left alive of the ‘group of death’ and know that his opponent in the first round is affordable. Greece awaits from 22:00 in Recife.

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Watch Argentina vs Belgium Online – 2014 World Cup

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After the distressing classification to Switzerland, argentina’s national team will face the challenge of overcoming the quarterfinals against Belgium, a barrier that does not cross for 24 years.

The last time that the Argentina reached a semi-final was in the quotation from Italy in 1990, when he achieved his second runner-up of the world after losing 0-1 in the final to Germany.

Since then, in the preview of each world refers the as strikers play seven matches and reach the final day without having to return before the end of the great festival of football.

Romania was the executioner. The history brand that in the appointment of United States, in 1994, after beating Greece (4-0) and Nigeria (2-1), Diego Maradona doping collapsed to a group led by Alfio Basile.

The defeat against Bulgaria (0-2) on the last day of the Group and the painful elimination against Romania (2-3), left an open wound filled with frustration.

More failures. In the following quotation from France, in 1998, the albiceleste selection completed a perfect phase with nine points, after wins against Japan (1-0), Jamaica (5-0) and Croatia (1-0).

After overcoming England (4-3) in the second round in the shootout after match two, he couldn’t against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals.

Watch Argentina vs Belgium Live Streaming

The next Cup of the world of Korea-Japan, in 2002, the Argentine ensemble directed by Marcelo Bielsa arrived as a wide favorite. However after beating Nigeria (1-0), losing to England (0-1) and tying with Sweden (1-1), Argentina was dismissed without being able to qualify for the second phase.

In 2006 with a generational replacement, led by José Pekerman, Argentina became comfort of the group stage, after break to Côte d’Ivoire (2-1), Serbia and Montenegro (6-0) and tying with the Netherlands (0-0).

The anguish of the triumph in extension against Mexico (2-1) in the second round of little earned because before host Germany ended the dream.

With a draw (1-1) in the 120 minutes of play, the German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann became the hero in the shootout.

Belgium expects to move forward with its legionaries

With his generation of players ” made in ” the English Premier League, Belgium already reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup of Brazil 2014, after eliminating on Tuesday in the second round to the United States in Salvador.

And in the quarter-finals where he will have his litmus test against Argentina, which will face Saturday in Brasilia for the pass to the semifinals.

Both Belgians and Argentines arrive undefeated at the event, after having won its three matches in the group stage and also in the second round, both coincidentally in extension, Belgium to United States (2-1) and Switzerland (1-0) Argentina, that none gives advantage to this car in search of semifinals.

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Watch Brasil vs Colombia Online – 2014 World Cup

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Learn how to watch this match and all otehr world cup matches using our method here: The match of the quarterfinals of the World Cup of Brazil 2014 between Brazil and Colombia starts Friday, June 4 from 17:00 hours of Brazil (15:00 time Colombian; 22:00 Spanish time) at the fortress Castelao Stadium and can be seen live on Caracol TV, RCN, public TV, TyC Sports and DirecTV. In Spain they live television Telecinco and GolT.

Selections of Brazil and Colombia want to continue advancing in the World Cup of Brazil 2014 but only one contested the semifinals. Colombia comes at a very good time and the hostess comes with many doubts but it will have the support of their public.

The ‘canarinha’ had to suffer more than expected to qualify for the quarterfinals of the World Cup of Brazil 2014. The match against Chile had to decide on penalties and that is where Julio César became Brazilian hero. Chilean Pinilla could kill the hostess with a shot to the boom in the last minute of the game.

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For his part, coffee combination has won all matches played so far in the World Cup. In the group stage he outpointed Greece, coast of ivory and Japan and in second round eliminated Uruguay.

It will be a face to face between two of the stars that are shining with their own light in this Championship: Neymar vs James Rodríguez, although we must also be aware of other men as Hulk, square, Fred or Jackson Martínez.

Technical data:

Television and schedule: Friday, July 4 from 17:00 hours of Brazil (15:00 time Colombian; 22:00 Spanish time) live on Caracol TV, RCN, public TV, TyC Sports and DirecTV. In Spain they live television Telecinco and GolT.

Referee: Velasco Carballo.
Stadium: Castelao’s fortress.
Possible onces initial:
Brazil: Julio César, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Marcelo, Paulinho, Fernandinho, Hernanes, Oscar, Hulk, Neymar.

Colombia: Ospina, Zúñiga, Zapata, Yepes, Armero, square, Abel Aguilar, Carlos Sánchez, James Rodríguez, Jackson Martínez, ‘Teo’ Gutiérrez.





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